SF6 is a highly potent green house gas with a global warming potential of 22,800 CO2e. Under the influence of energy, the SF6 molecule dissociates and can, together with other reacting agents, form substances with toxic or corrosive properties.

We as SF6 users must execute proper gas handling processes when installing, maintaining or decommissioning these assets “without emissions!”.

The aim the SF6 Gas Handling Unit is to provide a safe system that limits emissions to a minimum, transfers & purifies SF6 gas effectively and ensure there are not any faults in application. The emission free handling of SF6 gas and its safe operation are very important for climate protection and for the safety of personnel.

Benefits of Proper SF6 Handling Procedures

  • Lower risk
    1. Improved Safety performance
    2. Reduce risk of non-compliance to climate change regulations
    3. Adherence to standards
    4. Use of trained SF6 handlers
  • Reduce costs
    1. Reduce asset maintenance and replacement costs
    2. Improve protection and extension of asset life
    3. Enhance asset management capabilities
  • Decrease carbon footprint
    1. Support environmental policy objectives
    2. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

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