The Gas Filling Cart CD-GFC xx series is a light weight, robust, portable and easy to use equipment used for evacuation of air from SF6 compartments before filling SF6 gas and for regulated filling of Sf6 compartments. The GFC ensures emission free filling and refilling of SF6 compartments. The modular design enables usage of a variety of high vacuum, high performance vacuum pumps as per requirement and precision measurement of gas transfer volumes.


  • 1. Evacuation of air and moisture as per IEC 62271 before SF6 Filling
  • 2. Regulated filling of SF6 gas compartments


  • 1. Robust design
  • 2. Easy to use and operate
  • 3. Regulated Gas filling
  • 4. Variety of vacuum pump selection as per requirement
  • 5. High accuracy weighing scales with digital display

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