The CD-GHU 15 series of Gas Handling Unit is a robust and portable entry level solution for maintenance of large and extra large gas compartments. The CD-GHU 15 helps completely safe and IEC 62271 compliant process for handling the SF6 gas. Recovery of SF6 gas of 1 mbar or less is possible with GHU series.

The modular design enables usage of a variety of high vacuum, high performance vacuum pumps and compressors as per requirement. It enables various versions of storage of SF6 in liquid and gaseous form and precision measurement of the gas transfers.

It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface making operation of the equipment very easy.

Applications - The typical functions of a standard gas handling unit are as follows:

  • 1. Evacuation of air from the gas compartment
  • 2. Filling of SF6 in the gas compartment;
  • 3. Recovery of SF6 from the gas-filled compartment;
  • 4. Storage and filtering of SF6;
  • 5. Flooding of the gas compartment with ambient air;
  • 6. Cylinder to cylinder (or storage tank) transfer.


  • 1. Robust design
  • 2. Smart Handling, Easy to use and operate
  • 3. Leak Tight, Zero Emissions
  • 4. Variety of selections as per requirement
  • 5. High accuracy process measurement including humidity

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