IEC 62271 Recovery, treatment and destruction of SF6

Process Vacuum level in accordance with IEC 62271-4
Evacuation of air or a transport filling <1 mbar
Evacuation of SF6 <20 mbar

Source: IEC 62271

IEC 60376 –SF6 Gas, Technical quality

Impurity Maximum Permissible Content
Air 1 vol. %
CF4 2,400 ppmv
H2O Freezing point -36 °C
Mineral oil 10 mg/kg
Overall quantity of reactive, gaseous decomposition products (expressed in HF equivalent) 7.3 ppmv HF

Source: IEC 60376:2005

IEC 60480 – Used SF6 Gas

Maximum Permissible Content
Impurity Absolute nominal pressure < 2bar Absolute nominal pressure > 2bar
Air and/or CF4 3% Volume 3% Volume
H2O Dew point - 23°C Dew point - 36°C
Mineral oil 10mg/kg
Overall quantity of reactive, gaseous decomposition product (expressed in HF equivalents) 50 ppmv total or 12 ppmv for( SO2+SOF2) or 25ppmv HF

Source: IEC 60480:2004

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